2007 Florida Mold Bill

**Senate 0440: Relating to Mold Assessment & Mold Remediation



S440 GENERAL BILL by Bennett
Mold Assessment & Mold Remediation [EPCC]; provides legislative intent &
purpose; provides for fees re licensure of mold assessors & mold
remediators; provides for licensure of business organizations; provides
responsibilities of primary & secondary qualifying agents & of
financially responsible officers; establishes requirements for
continuing education; provides for rulemaking by DBPR & Construction
Industry Licensing Board, etc. Creates 489.601-.609,.61-.618; amends
489.107. APPROPRIATION: $294,776. EFFECTIVE DATE: 10/01/2007.
12/18/06 SENATE Filed
01/24/07 SENATE Referred to Regulated Industries; Criminal Justice; General
Government Appropriations


Currently NO House Bill Proposed

die a quick death please.