2007 NACHI Convention Updates

There will be a Food & Beverage Pavillion located in the vendor hall.
A cash bar will be in the vendor hall all three days when classes let out.

FREA is sponsoring tons of food the first evening in the vendor hall, May 17

Pro-Lab is sponsoring Coffee and Tea every morning also in vendor hall.

Nick just added a link to the vendor packets

More details coming soon. You can also find a lot more information on the website.

The vendor hall layout is being updated now. It should be done in a hour or so.


Can I buy you lunch or dinner this time?

This Convention is going to keep me busy. I will be shocked if I find time to eat or even sleep. I will arrive in Canada on Tuesday - if your in the area I would be happy to join you for dinner.


The vendor hall layout is done. As we get closer the the event I will add in new vendors that sign up.



Is it possible to arrive and pay at the door?

I expect that I will be unable to attend all three days but I’m not far away, thought I could get there for a few hours one day anyway.


Doug, if you are only coming for a couple hours, email me for my personal cell phone number at nick.gromicko@nachi.org and when you get there, call me and I’ll get you in for free.

Thanks Nick e-mail sent


Pro-Lab is providing Coffee and Tea every morning in the Vendor Hall

Thank You Pro-Lab


That is very generous of Jamie and Pro-Lab -Thanks!!!

Deanna will you have our passes at the door or are we to receive them in the mail?

I would be happy to volunteer to assist at the entry desk if need be.

Let me know. I have past experience with another association in this area at the sign in desk! :wink:

Looking forward to putting names to faces. :wink:

[size=2]Everybody has to check in at the NACHI registration desk. When you sign in you will get Convention pass, packet of goodies, FREE NACHI Nachos and more :smiley: [/size]

Roy Cook and his wife Char will be helping NACHI staff with the registration desk.
NACHI TV could use your help filming. I am shipping all the cameras and equipment.


That is tongue twister FREE NACHI NACHOS

TRY AND SAY THAT ONE FIVE [5] TIMES…FAST!!:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Please note I have made some small changes to the Convention Schedule

A cash bar will be set up in the Vendor Hall from 12-7pm

I also have a Café set up from 12-6:30pm
The café will have a different variety of food everyday and its affordable. Everything is located in the Vendor Hall.

Nachi Nachos are mucho deliciousos. :slight_smile: Hmmmm fooood…

Dee, do we need to register for classes in advance?

No need to register for classes. Plenty of seating will be provided in every room. Some of the walls are on tracks so we can size the room accordingly if a class is bigger than another.

Last year we had people sign up online, then everybody changed once they checked in.

Right now I have all the classes listed in rooms B,C,D… Once I know what the names of the classrooms are I will add all that information and post a pdf map of where each class is located. The schedule, maps, timing for everything will all be handed out when you check in and I will also add it to the Convention site www.nachi.org/convention2007. I have made up a very nice packets for everybody.

99% of everything you need to know is on the Convention page already.

I just added two great guys too the convention site:

Russel Ray

Dan Howard

It was a pleasure working with you both today :wink: