2007 NACHI Convention

They say that every successful man depends on a good woman.
Well Nick with Deanna, Lisa and Crystal you got success it in spades

I have to thank all the people I came to know and will appreciate for the rest of my life. You will never know what life long memories you created and the changes each of you created in all our lives, changes that will affect us forever. Again I have to single out Dea, Lisa, Crystal, Tim, Chris. John and Nick. Thank You so much.

You can only be in one place at one time and only so many hours in the day so had to make some very difficult choices. One can only attend 1 session out of the eight available.
I attended; Paul Abernathy’s, Ken Howard’s, Craig Auberger’s, Mike Crow’s, Steve Luxton’s, Jay Kenny’s, Brock Ketcham’s, Paul Fisk’s, Michael Rowan’s, Russell Ray’s, Nick Gromicko’s, Tim’s and Chris’s presentations. I now from talking to others that they had the same positive experience and I hope to attend their presentations next year.

Certainly, it was good to see so many familiar faces, and a few new people “live” and in-person.

I also had the opportunity to meet some of my students that I teach online.

It’s all about networking and communicating, it was also about feeling the warm welcome as part of the big family!

My sincere - thank YOU!

It was a pleasure meeting you there… Did you name get spelled wrong on your tag?

You are so correct in the network and communicate thing… one of the most valuable things we can use in our businesses.

Yes, my name was spelled wrong on my tag. But it was not a big issue. As I say to my friends, and my students, remember we can all be called something worse!


It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing Harry [alive and well] at the convention!!

Yes, it was certainly great meeting you too. I have to agree with an earlier post that it’s definitely a lot easier and more personal to communicate face to face, than to hide behind a keyboard and really not know the other person, or people. We all share many common goals. So I look forward to our next meeting or next conference.

Our good friend Harry is a miracle of good heart doctors and the thoughtfullness of organ donors, and his support network. It is fantastic to see how well and how far he has come in the past year. He also counts his blessings for people like you and others that make a real difference.

Thankfully its’ people like you that can help make this world a good and better place.


I too enjoyed meeting so many of you. I wish I could have met more, but there will be a next time. For those of you who attend my class, thank you. I appreciate the participation and feedback.