2008 4 ton

This unit was changed out obviously after 2008 and had no suction line dryer installed and a undersized liquid line dryer filter Model 053 and should have been at least 163 or larger for a 4 ton. All Techs worth their salt install suction dryers on a burn out I had no knowledge if the old unit was a burn out but most likely was as that is the biggest reason for replacement.

I was unable to call for the addition of the suction dryer but I did call out the under sized liquid dryer. I have bumped heads with the installing contractor in the past for sloppy work and it appears that I will be doing it again;-):wink:

trouble maker…:mrgreen:

I had a good teacher You, How is life treating my Buddy:D:D

keeping me plenty busy Charley and the snow has stopped so all is good here…