2008 National Electrical Code by Joe Tedesco

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Hello to all!
I’m happy to say that I just came back from a fantastic highly informative and technically exhaustive two day {16 hour} seminar on the 2008 National Electrical Code.

The presenter was Mr. Joe Tedesco who I must say absolutely impressed me with his technical knowledge, skill and expertise each and every minute of the 16 hours.

As a former code official {now retired} I have attended many technical seminars all across the nation. I have met many, many code officials and have attended some truly top notch technical seminars.
That being said … I will tell you that Joe Tedesco has got to be one of the finest instructors I have ever seen!

His knowledge and grasp of the National Electrical Code was truly amazing.

  • I would swear that this man has the entire 2008 National Electrical Code committed to memory!

His ability to quote the chapter, section, and paragraph of the codebook and then recite the text verbatim was absolutely amazing to see. It was truly impressive!
The students in the class were composed of electrical engineers, a facilities manager for a military installation, an electrical systems analyst/designer, and me.

  • Joe Tedesco’s ability to explain the national electric code in a simple manner that “anyone” can understand is a gift that few instructors possess.

The first time I met Joe Tedesco {and Nick Gromicko} was in 2003 when he presented an electrical seminar in Swansea Massachusetts. This is only the second time in that five-year period that I have attended one of Mr. Tedesco’s seminars.

  • All I can say is that the loss is mine.

Joe Tedesco is an absolute wealth of information and when it comes to electrical issues and most especially the electrical code I would highly, and I repeat highly recommend him as an instructor!
I strongly recommend that if any of you ever gets a chance to attend one of Joe Tedesco’s seminars that you do not hesitate to attend one of his highly informative and technically exhaustive top-notch seminars!

Here is the link to the course;


And watch Joe in action here: http://www.nachi.tv/episode27

I would highly recommend Joe Tedesco as NACHI’s "OFFICIAL" National “Electrical Trainer / Instructor” he would be a GREAT asset to NACHI!:stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the link to the course;


I propose that Paul Abernathy have that spot.

While Tedesco knows his stuff, his record of disparaging the home inspection industry (and using our message board to do it) would preclude him from any such honor, IMO.

Sorry Jim… I could not disagree with you more!

Read some of Paul’s recent posts and you might reconsider your position.

Besides… I have had some long talks with Joe Tedesco and got his side of the story.

I suggest that you take the time and trouble to talk to him and when you do I think that you would change your mind about the man.

Please keep in mind that people change… {Think about it}

Warmest Regards,

I have spoken to Joe and he has apologized for his actions.

His acts of betrayal occurred just a few weeks after we had him in St. Louis for a seminar at our chapter meeting in 2005.

I am convinced that he will never repeat his actions. They cost him, dearly.

Yet, from his recent posts, I am not convinced that his attitude toward home inspectors has changed.

He is a wealth of knowledge…but so is the code book.

I respect the fact that he is your friend. I considered him a friend at one point in time, as well. I hope that he does not betray you as he did me.

Thank you for keeping an open mind in this matter…

That is all I ask.:stuck_out_tongue: