2008 NEC and Electrical Safety Seminars near you soon!

Go to: www.americantrainco.com

Might want to advertise this again in 3-4 years when Virginia tries to catch up with the “NATIONAL” codes again.

Oh no he didn’t! :stuck_out_tongue:

Virginia recently adopted the 2005 NEC, and like many others will be a few steps behind the rest of the country. I am prepared to present the 1996 NEC through the present if there are any areas who are still operating under those editions.

This doesn’t mention a location (or if it did, I missed it.) It does mention that there is a “brochure” and a “website” but I didn’t find that either. Where can I go to find a course location?

Go to: www.americantrainco.com

View and download brochure in PDF format](https://www.americantrainco.com/images/uploads/NECX051207.pdf)