2008 NEC Code Quiz- 25 Questions

** Hey Guys,**
** I am working on some quizzes for 2008 NEC and figured I would post one here. For those who happen to have a 2008 NEC…give it a shot…Enjoy !!!**

Name: ________________________ Date: __________ ID: A1
2008 NEC QUIZ by Paul Abernathy

***Complete each statement.

*1. A(n) ____________________ permanently connected SPDs is intended for installation between the
secondary of the service transformer and the line side of the service disconnect overcurrent device.
NEC ____________________
2. The dwelling unit receptacles required by the NEC shall be in addition to:
a. ____________________________________________________________
b. ____________________________________________________________
c. ____________________________________________________________
d. ____________________________________________________________
NEC ____________________
3. Receptacle outlets ____________________ be required on a wall directly behind a range, counter-mounted
cooking unit, or sink.
NEC ____________________
4. The exothermic welding ____________________ is a permitted method of connecting grounding and
bonding equipment.
NEC ____________________
5. On a separately derived system, the grounding electrode conductor connection shall be made at the same
point where the ______________________________ is installed.
NEC ____________________
6. In buildings of multiple occupancy where the metal water piping system installed in a building or for an
individual occupancies is metallically isolated from all other occupancies by use of nonmetallic water piping,
the metal water piping system for each occupancy shall be permitted to be bonded to the equipment
grounding terminal of the panelboard supplying that occupancy. The bonding jumper shall be sized in
accordance with Table 250.122, based on the rating of the overcurrent protective device for the
NEC ____________________
7. Electrical nonmetallic tubing ____________________ permitted to be run through electrical metallic conduit
in spaces used for environmental air.
NEC ____________________
8. In straight pulls of 4AWG and larger conductors that are ______________________________, the length of
the box shall not be less than eight times the trade size of the largest raceway.
NEC ____________________
9. Handhole enclosures shall be identified for use in ______________________________.
NEC ____________________
10. Where more than two NM cables containing two or more current-carrying conductors are installed in contact
with thermal insulation without maintaining spacing between cables, the allowable ampacity of each
conductor shall be adjusted in accordance with ______________________________.
NEC ____________________
11. Article ____________________ covers the use, installation, and construction specification for reinforced
thermosetting resin conduit (RTRC) and associated fittings.
NEC ____________________
12. Wireways shall be constructed and installed so that adequate ______________________________ continuity
of the complete system is secured.
NEC ____________________
13. All nonlocking 15- and 20- ampere, 125- and 250-volt receptacles installed in damp locations shall be a listed
NEC ____________________
14. An industrial control panel does not include the ______________________________.
NEC ____________________
15. Older vending machines manufactured or remanufactured prior to January 1, 2005, shall be connected to a(n)
NEC ____________________
16. A motor disconnecting means shall be designed so that it cannot be closed ____________________.
NEC ____________________
17. Combustible gas detection equipment shall be listed for Class I, Division 1, the appropriate material group,
and for the detection of the specific ____________________ to be encountered.
NEC ____________________
18. In Class 2 Division 1 locations, switches, circuit breakers, motor controllers, and fuses, including
pushbuttons, relays, and similar devices shall be provided with identified _________________________
NEC ____________________
19. Where an agricultural site is supplied by more than one service with any two services located a distance of
150 m (500 ft) or less apart, as measured in a straight line, a(n) ______________________________ shall be
installed at each of these distribution points denoting the location of each of the other distribution points and
the buildings or structures served by each.
NEC ____________________
20. Where the tubing is readily accessible to other than qualified persons, field-installed skeleton tubing shall be
provided with _________________________ or protected by other approved means.
NEC ____________________
**Name: ________________________ ID: A
**21. A pool is a manufactured or field-constructed equipment designed to contain water on a permanent or
semipermanent basis and used for swimming, wading, ____________________, or other purposes.
NEC ____________________
22. All wet-niche luminaires shall be removable from the water for ____________________, relamping, or other
NEC ____________________
23. Part V of Article 680 does not cover self-contained, portable fountains. Portable fountains shall comply with
Parts II and III of __________.
NEC ____________________
24. When fuel cell power systems have both alternating-current (ac) and direct-current (dc) grounding
requirements, the dc grounding system shall be bonded to the .
NEC ____________________
25. [FONT=Arial]
shall not originate from the same vertical switchboard
section, panelboard enclosure or individual disconnect enclosure as emergency circuits.
NEC ____________________

Print it out…Work it out…send me your answers and I just may give ya something…:wink:

No offense intended but some of your quetions are worded such that it is hard to figure out what you are asking.

Lol…none taken. but i use a database of questions from a software i use…i did not write them.

They are based on 2008 NEC Updates and i had no trouble when i did it before posting it…they are tough questions but the answers are found only using the 2008 code book…the key to finding them is actually in the question for the most part.

Oh…the blanks arw actually filled with the EXACT word as in the code book. Disect the article or section needed by the keys in the question.

From what i gather the software i use makes you really dig to find the verbiage in the code…these questions are based on changes for 2008…

It looks like an exercise in using the text search function on the CD more than actually testing useful knowlege.

That would be cheating Greg…lol

I find them easy…The concept of learning the NEC is by repeating look up exercisees…you learn as you explore. These questions are based on the 2008 Changes.

Most of the questions are done in a style that gives you a hint of the article or section to look in contained in the question itself. Just by looking it up, understanding the question will aid in learning.

“15. Older vending machines manufactured or remanufactured prior to January 1, 2005, shall be connected to a(n)”
I’m trying to recall the last time I saw a vending machine in a house…:-k :-k :smiley:

Keg machines don’t count! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

lol…well considering NACHi is promoting “Commercial Inspection” courses all over the place…i see it possible they will face an outside receptacle that may get a vending machine…and it shoukd have a GFCI receptacle on that location…

lol…so since NACHI is going commercial…lol…why not…:wink:

What about indoor vending machines?

Would not matter…422.51 states Cord and Plug connected vending machines manufactured on or after January 1 , 2005 shall include a ground fault circuit interrupter as an intergral part of the attachment plug or be within 12 inches of the attachment plug…IE: GFCI receptacle.

"Older vending machines manufactured or remanufactured prior to January 1, 2005 SHALL BE connected to a GFCI outlet…which opens it up to allowing a GFCI breaker option.

as for indoors or out becomes moot…since if it is outside and subject to the public per another 2005 change…210.8(B)(4)…it would have to be GFCI anyway…so this change deals directly with Vending Machines as a statement.

Now…please dont ask me to define a Vending Machine…lol

I now am starting to think about the liability issue here with a “Vending Machine” on a small commercial inspection (convience store - where the most intelligent and common sence people work at) that require cooling such as sandwiches, ice cream, beer (cold to hot to cold can cause it to go flat), etc. if the GFCI was tested or accidentally popped during a inspection and no one noticed for a while. kinda like what we face in the home when a small freezer and/or Refrigerator is found connected to GFCI’s in basement or garage locations… I guess I had better put this little tidbit reminder on my small commercial worksheets I use on site for my inspection report…geez will it never stop…

I had this discussion with Fl IAEI about an ice machine. The consensus was, if you didn’t have to put money in it, it wasn’t a vending machine. I wasn’t sure how money caused electrocution but there you go.
BTW this came about because of a kid being electrocuted by a candy machine (no ground pin on the plug). I guess if they got electrocuted by a slurpie machine they would have to be GFCI now.

Remember we are speaking of vending machines…not coolers wher you open the door and pick up a sandwich and take it to the counter.
We must know the definition of “Vending Machine”…the aspect of public safety more than out weighs a few flat coke cans…lol

BTW…the quiz was just if people want to try it…if people dont thing taking quizzes and testing knowledge (if one chooses too) does not aid in learning…they are mistaken…

Our goal ( as with joe t and his posts if he does not mind me speaking for him) is to just help broaden your knowledge …not to make HI’S quote anything…all about learning from educators willing to give of FREE time to help others…sorry…just ranting for those who say things like this has no relation to home inspectors…this is where i disagree … . . . Education is worthy no matter what it is…

Lol…Greg you kill me…but we did the requirement for GFCI on public water fountain receptacles…so watch out for that 2011 submission on Slurpie Machines…:wink:

**2008 NEC
422.51 Cord-and-Plug-Connected Vending Machines.

Cord-and-plug-connected vending machines manufactured
or re-manufactured on or after January 1,2005,shall in-
clude a ground-fault circuit interrupter as an integral part of
the attachment plug or be located within 300 mm (12 in.)of
the attachment plug. Older vending machines manufactured
or remanufactured prior to January 1,2005,shall be con-
nected to a GFCI-protected outlet. For the purpose of this
**section,the term *****vending machine ***means any self-service
device that dispenses products or merchandise without the
necessity of replenishing the device between each vending
operation and is designed to require insertion of a coin,
paper currency, token, card, key, or receipt of payment by
other means.

FPN:For further information,see ANSI/UL 541-2005,
*Standard for Refrigerated Vending Machines *,or ANSI/UL
751-2005,*Standard for Vending Machines *.

This “Ice Machine” thing came up at my wife’s place. They had just installed one and I questioned why it wasn’t GFCI (just as gee whiz info).
BTW when I actually looked, the ground pin was missing on the cord cap! It was the cord set they could find in the shop. They replaced the cord set and put it on a GFCI when I showed them ther ROP that got vending machines on GFCI. Code is one thing, lawyers are something else.

do you by any chance have these answers? I’ve taken the test but I want to check my answers and see how well I did. thank you

Considering it was back in 2007 when I originally posted it I am sure they are long gone two laptops ago. My time at this point does not permit me to revisit them. Sorry.

Another reason why seven year old threads should be permanently closed. :smiley:

LOL…no doubt.

But if for some reason…some unknown reason some jurisdiction (Florida) is still on the 2008 NEC…they can have at it.

Shoot they can even post the specific question here and well…I am sure they will get a multitude of answers…:shock: