2010 Inachi Award Winners

Good evening to all and hope all is well.

First, I would like to Congratulate all three of the Inachi Award winners for the Year 2010. Job well done.

Second, I would like to know if the Awards have been received.
According to the Vendor, they should have arrived by now.

Third, I would like to ask that the recipients of the Awards post a picture of themselves with the Award for all to see and for all Membersto be able to express their congratulations.

Chuck Crooker and Joe Farsetta;

Dan Bowers

The Awards have been shipped directly from the Manufacturer in the past couple of years to eliminate the problem I had in previous years with damaged or broken awards.

I for one and also Nick would like to see the Award.

Again, my congratulations to all of you.

Remember to check our Chapter Portal on how to Nominate an Award and what the criteria is for all the Awards the Award Committee takes care of.

The link to the Chapter Portal is in my signature, so pleasevisit and see what it is all about.

Would be glad to answer any questions the Members may have.

Have a good day to all. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Marcel. I am honored to have won. Unfortunately, I have not received the award as of yet.

Should be getting it shortly Joe and I will have the Vendor check on it too!

Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

Just in case you did not see my Posts I have heard back from the other two and also they have received nothing Yet … Roy

The Vendor called me on Saturday and advised that there were a few complications with the Manufacturer and and Awards have been shipped out.
Please let me know if you have not received them by the end of the week.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Letter from Chuck nothing yet … Roy …Thanks for the upgrade

Congrats to all.

Thanks, John.

Thanks Marcel and Roy!

As much as I can tell, the Awards have been delivered.

Please try to post a picture of yourself with the Award.

It appears that Chuck has had to pay an extra $25 in postage to receive his award.

Chuck, try to send me a copy of the receipt if you could. :slight_smile:

Here is the Canadian Member of the Year Award Recipient.

Canadian Member of the year for 2010 001.jpg

Canadian Member of the year for 2010 008.jpg

Congratulations Chuck Crooker


Canadian Member of the year for 2010 008.jpg

Thanx to all. I have a better picture to show once i get it. Trying to figure out who the old guy is in that picture;)