2010 InterNACHI Convention

When is it??? Just pick the dates and do it Nick!!! It’s already almost August, and if the end of October is on slate, we need to start planning to get decently priced tickets and such. It’s great to have membership input, but it’s impossible to make everyone happy…

Come on Nick=D>. How about Orlando or Tampa. It is time for another big get together. InterNACHI to the moon so get the engines running and get it done :-({|=:-({|=. CHEERS.

There won’t be one. If there was, Las Vegas was the preferred location and there were mumblings about it in March but nothing has happened. There is no news, there is no convention. :frowning:


Time to market instead.

Its a lot easier to pitch a booth at someone else’s event than to put together your own.:roll: I know.

Come for the oil, stay for the FEMA Camp Jamboree! :stuck_out_tongue: