2010 U.S. Member of the Year - place your votes!

The time has come!

Please review the following nominations and vote for the next InterNACHI U.S. Member of the Year.

The polls will close on December 24th so place your votes early!!!

Congratulations to all the nominees!


John Shishilla:

I would like to nominate John Shishilla for US member of the year. His dedication to forwarding our profession especially in the state of Florida is beyond reproach. His tireless efforts to increase the revenue, education and comraderie is second to none. He does not only reflect what leadership is, he does so for the benefit of all and not just himself. Co founder of the Florida Insurance Inspectors Association.

Name of Nominee – John Shishilla
Other – He is the co-founder of the Florida Insurance Inspectors Association
Award Consideration – US Member of the Year

Name of Nominator – Russell J. Hensel

James Bushart:

Nominee: James Bushart
Award Consideration: U.S. Member of the Year

Nominator Name: Robert Smith
Summary and Documentation:

I nominate James H. Bushart for member of the year.

James understands the individual needs of members and uses a wide variety of methods that enables them to increase their knowledge, talent and self-esteem.
By extending respect and is courteous to members at all times especially with new members just starting out in the business who may be a little green and vulnerable.

James demonstrates effective motivation, responsibility, preparation and control.
By not pointing out mistakes or errors made by a member in public areas but shows control and provides motivation in a more private means other then degrading them publicly.

James demonstrates leadership efforts on behalf of both members and colleagues. By spending one on one time with members though email and phone conversations. And by showing confidence in his colleagues by listening more than speaking.

Russell Hensel:

Nominee: Russ Hensel
Award Consideration: Member of the year U.S.

Nominator Name: James A. (Drew) Levy

Summary and Documentation: I believe that Russ has shown by example, many ways to grow a home inspection business through innovation. He has shown and is willing to share and mentor his ways of differentiating a home inspector from his or her competition. He is also a great motivator both on and off the Nachi message board, always taking the time to help others not only realize that they can do it, but showing them how to do it.
For these reasons, I would like to nominate Mr. Hensel for the U.S. Member of the Year award.

Nominee: Russell J. Hensel
Award Consideration: U.S. Member of The Year

Nominator Name: Christopher Currins

Summary and Documentation: I honestly believe Russell goes far beyond the call of duty as member of INACHI to better the organization. As a very busy, successful business owner, he continues to find time to contribute on the message board and behind the scene almost daily in a very positive way.
He is constantly trying to keep Nick and the organization on its toes in a positive way to better this organization. He is always willing to help and give advice to anyone that asks, and to some that don’t, in a meaningful way. I do not agree with everything he says and does, but I cannot think of any other member in the year of 2010 who has displayed the passion and strive as Russell has to help make this the number one professional home inspection organization. He has also been contributing to the promotion of FLInterNACHI.

James Braun:

Nominee: James Braun CMI
Award Consideration: __US Member of the Year _____

Nominator Name: Steven J. Wessler
Summary and Documentation:
He has been my Mentor and a constant source for knowledge. He has helped other inspectors that have asked, but I can only speak for myself. James explains, educates and watches and is always there when I have needed him.
For anyone that believes that taking a course and reading books with little or no construction knowledge makes you qualified to perform a Good Service for clients, needs to go along with a CMI.
It will open most newbies eyes as well as the ones who may have only done a handful.

Zoe Fackler:

Nominee: Zoe Fackler
Award Consideration: U.S. Member of the year

Nominator Name: Brian Kelly

Summary and Documentation: Zoe took the lead in helping her fellow INACHI Members in Florida get their State Home Inspection Licenses.

Dan Bowers:

Nominee: Dan Bowers
Award Consideration: iNACHI U.S. Member of the Year
Nominator Name: Roy Cooke

Summary and Documentation:
____Dan has been one of the most consistant help to all in the industry .
He has much knowledege and gives it freely all the time

Good race so far

Bill I know this is laziness on my part but it would be a good idea to put a link to each candidates profile so that voters can examine the posts.
Lets face facts that voting is all based on candidates posts.
My personal vote would be based on who helps others the most.

Great to see many are voting . Thanks to all who take the time to vote…

Very interesting results so far.

good race

Close to 1% of members so far. :shock:

try .005%

Seriously how hard is it to physically click a button? The hard part is choosing who to pick.

I have seen no mention anywhere of what each candidate has done in the past year that they are deserving.
Are we supposed to go enny miny moe?
I have not voted yet so someone convince where to vote please.

Read the thread.

Yeah I see the nominations with politically correct generic talk of educating others and being a big help.
Gee that sure generates excitment:shock:

Maybe it should be in members only or something as I have not seen any real conversation about the nominees.
We get more comments Obama’s name is mentioned.

Would love to hear more stories about how each member has helped someone here on a personal level in a way that made some type of difference as I am sure those stories must be out there .
I am going to vote but sure would like to see a little more conversation.

Maybe title this award the last one to post wins.:smiley:

Come on guys lets light up cigars ,roll up sleeves and head to the back room.

I hear you. Who’s you favorite* Christian Democrat Of The Year* would get more attention. :wink:

Should I base my vote on what?
Who posts the most?
Who posts the most in the general public area?
Who is most politically involved?
Who I like personally?
Who argues with Nick?
Who agrees with Nick?
Are there certain issues that each candidate stand for that I need to be aware of ?
How about who has the most successful business model?
Guess it boils down to straight who I like the most as there are no straight statistics here other than what are my own feelings based on previous posts that leaves it down to gut feelings.
I am just ashamed at how few bother to even ask or for that matter vote.