2011 CAHPI Conference

Since the 2011 CAHPI Conference in Edmonton has come and gone, I like to find out how many of its members - declared as Canada’s “best” home inspectors - have visited the event which was held in the Province where the Government is now calling the shots who can, or cannot perform home inspections.

We never like the government calling the shots but if no one stepped in we may have even more of a mess with what is the SOP supposed to be like. It is good to know that many have embraced this.

Never fear Cookies here.

No but I understand this program is a flop.


$500 for one online course? Isn’t there some kind of government authority in Canada that can stop CAHPI from trying to ripoff the… what term can I use here… the mentally challenged.

$500 for one, online course? Surely the government will shut them down now.

I am not sure about other NACHI members but I got a letter in the mail about it. Reg. fee was $500.00 and the itenerary looked boring. From what I heard the turn out was lousy.

They are just trying to get their hands back into the big HI pie. Most people have already eaten that PIE so all there is left are crumbs from **INTERNACHI and the pan will be used by OAHI. **LOL

From what I understand Tarion does not even endorse or recognize this course, nor has Tarion granted any special authority, privilege to graduates, nor the associations.

The course is only recognized none other then themselves.

Sounds like another Whistler. :wink:

Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon


Light on the Sponsors too.



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Is there any truth to the rumor that CAHPI is also offering flashlights for $500 +HST (batteries not included) ? :wink:

That might be a better deal then I got with some of their courses I took .
Thanks For the reminder… Roy