2011 CSPS update on Fedral Pacific

Am not agreeing or disagreeing with this article. Just posting it for all your information


Thanks for the INFO .
I see you have NACHI listed on your web site but here it says you are not a NACHI member , Hope you can get this fixed .
Here in Canada about 50%~ of new homes have Stablok Panels and I have one in my home .
Does not seem to be a concern here .

Does this new report change anything regarding the reporting of FPE equipment and insurance companies?

I dont believe the CPSC changed anything in the press release … I think they just added the advisory “Note” in red at the top.

I think a better reference concerning the known issues with FPE panels is … http://inspectapedia.com/fpe/fpepanel.htm


I am not in Canada and do not work in Canada so I don’t know much about the electrical industry there. It seems odd to me that 50% of all home have Federal Pioneer/Federal Pacific in Canada. I never knew they were that big. Do you have any thoughts about why FP would be so popular in Canada; especially, in light of their reputation. Federal Pacific has had a fairly large presence in the United States for a long time but I doubt that they have ever achieved a residential market-share of greater than about 10%.

That is true with all breakers SQ D or Pushmatics.

I have inspected lots of them and also have one in my home 25 years old .
I have not seen any more problems with them then any other panels.
I too and a retired Electrician and 50+ years IBEW , You can be sure if I had a concern it would be gone .


Cost is close 200 amp SQ D 60 Cir $308;00
Cost … 200 amp FP …40 Cir $276;00 .
I agree SQ D. is the way I would go if buying .
Same Company manufactures both .

(’ especially, in light of their reputation. ")
That is a USA reputation not followed in Canada .

We do many things different here example Neutrals and Grounds are completely isolated .
example all sub panels require 4 wires to out buildings only one ground in the system
Example 440 volts is only used in AUTO plants .
All industry is 600 volts .


I am only a few miles from Canada but rarely have any reason to cross the border. When I do venture across the border, it is like a whole other country :wink:

I know there are some differences in the way things are done but I don’t what they are. Even within the US, there are some interesting differences between the East and the West, particularly with older systems.

FPE breakers models “E” and “F” are problematic, but what about an FPE main breaker?



Funny because that looks more like a molded case switch than a circuit breaker.