2012 IRC Softcover Code Books

I have 2 softcover 2012 IRC code books for sale. They were bought for a class we were teaching, but 2 students were “No Shows” and I still have the code books we bought to sell them.

If interested, call OR email. … danbowers1@yahoo.com OR (816) 455-8787

Neither has been used.

One has a name written inside the cover / $80
Second totally unused / $95

I find it totally amazing that every other day we have inspectors on this board asking other veteran inspectors if they know the code reference for this OR that, but I’ve only had 2 inspectors call or email me asking about these code books …

Send me the $80 one. Send paypal invoice to ahouseonarock@gmail.com

Both are sold

The MB is FREE… besides, hobbyists don’t make purchases of necessary assets to operate a business.