2012 Now That You've Had a Home Inspection books with new covers are in.

I’ll give it a try

Cover looks great

Just picked up two cases last week (old cover) when will you be out of the old ones? Will there be a sale to get rid of them?

I agree!

I just bought a bunch with the old cover this week as well. Any sale price on the old ones? (Even though the price is already a steal!)

The book was designed to not only add value but to help reduce liability by setting expectations. Quoting from the book’s first few pages… As you know, the home inspector is not an expert but a generalist. Your home inspector inspected the home and reported the home’s condition as it was at the time of the inspection. That is the main responsibility of the home inspector. A home inspection does not include predictions of future events. Future events (such as roof leaks, water intrusion, plumbing drips and heating failures) are not within the scope of a home inspection and are not the responsibility of the home inspector.

Who’s responsible? You are. The new homeowner. Welcome to home ownership. The most important thing to understand as a new homeowner is that things break. As time moves on, parts of your house will wear out, break down, deteriorate, leak or simply stop working.

But relax. Don’t get overwhelmed. You’re not alone. This book is for you and every homeowner experiencing the responsibility of home ownership.

Throughout the book, there will be references to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors ( www.InterNACHI.org). InterNACHI is the world’s largest association of residential and commercial building inspectors. The InterNACHI Residential Standards of Practice (SOP) defines what a home inspection is and lists the responsibilities of a home inspector. The SOP is located at http://www.nachi.org/sop.htm. Be sure to read and understand the Standards of Practice to which your inspection is performed.

Thanks to InterNACHI Marketing Department, particularly Levi, for the new cover design. Real professional.

All orders from today on will be fulfilled with the new 2012 book. We have nearly 100,000 in stock again.