2012 Webinar- How to Perform Electrical Inspections

Hey Guys,

This has been 12 months in the making as it was to take place last year. I am going to be offering this webinar based on my nationwide presentation (not the book) and it should be a great webinar.

We will cover all the hard topics as well as the typical topics all home inspectors should be aware of when it comes to electrical systems. The fee for this webinar is $50.00 dollars. However, I have a 50% discount to NACHI members only…contact Mr. Gromicko for this special as I will let him distribute that special as possible give a ways.

Below if the link to register and hope to see you at the event. For everyone to enjoy I have made this a PAYPAL purchased event. If you can’t attend the event it will be recorded and available for viewing at a later date for the same fee.


The event is January 14,2012- 2PM to 6PM ( or longer.as I am long winded)

Will it be much different than the NACHI.TV episode?

Well…it is based on my presentation and not restricted to guidelines already set. meaning it is more like a one on one with me versus a previously recorded and edited track. But electrical issues are electrical issues…either way you slice it will be similar.

Hey Guys,

I did not get as good of response as I hoped so when another firm asked me to do a code update seminar this Saturday I decided to do that instead. I can only assume electrical training for home inspectors is not what it used to be…good luck guys.

You know here to find me if you need me…Peace!

I hate when that happens, but thanks anyway Paul, please come back when you can

Paul did you rely on the message board? Only a handful of people visit on a regular basis. Have you asked Nick to put this out to the members in an email campaign? I think that would get a better response.

I love your work and your passion…just my 2 cents…