2014 = New Image for Inspector

Contractor Office Pro is a professional virtual office assistant company who caters to small (mom and pop) business owners nationwide.

Top Reasons to Hire

**Website/Logo Experts –
We truly understand what it takes to maximize your chance at becoming #1 on every major search engine. Client perception is key for any business. Saving money by creating a boring web-site will only cost you money. In addition if you do not implement SEO properly to your code, finding you, could be next to impossible.

Here is one of the sites we are currently working on (In Progress/Not Finished).

Old: http://www.atdhomeinspection.com/

New: http://www.contractorofficepro.com/plusbusiness

Follow progress by revisiting / refreshing the site.

Live Call Center – (Sign Up Before Jan 1 and get a FREE 60 Day Limited Trial)
**++ We will book using your ISN account! Several Plans to Choose From.
In addition to Contractor Office Pro we own a second business as a full-Time home inspector, for several years now, and our call center techs understands the logic I use to close potential clients inquiring about my services. Rest assured, as your professional answering service, clients looking for your services will get the same attention to detail I give to potential clients looking to hire me as a home inspector. Your bottom line is priority #1 and we are experts at booking jobs and will take all the time you need to understand your business before going livewith your company.

**Professional Business Consultant –
In addition to the call center and web/logo design company we offer individual or group startup business consultations. This service caters to home inspectors since that was my first and current business was initiated from but I still have tips and tricks that can help any small business owner save a great deal of time and money. If you feel my advice was worthless there will be no charge for my time. That’s how confident I am about helping you succeed.

Visit us online at contractorofficepro.com or call me direct at 314 805 2137 or email billy@contractorofficepro.com.