2015 Ohio Pesticide Recertification

I need to obtain 5 credits before the expiration of my license (9/15).

There is a class in Akron on February 15th.

Fee is $75, $95 if doing lunch.

Anyone interested in going it would be nice to sit with you during the event.

They are also in Sandusky, Dayton, Columbus.

These are presented by the Ohio State University extension.


Why do you hate your animals? :wink:

LOL, woops

I corrected, I love my dog by the way!!

Hey Dave,

Just in case you didn’t know - FYI - http://www.nachi.org/forum/f84/ohio-dept-health-indoor-radon-program-approves-international-association-certified-home-inspectorss-radon-course-ce-92592/

I’ll be there

I will look for you!!

Thanks for posting David! I’m in Munroe Falls so Akron is min from me. I’ll be there.
I’ll also be at the Chapter meeting in Jan.

I will be at both as well, I look forward to meeting you.