2017 The Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award

How come not many of you are not trying to get the Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award. Usually there are many.
So far this year we have only a few who have earned it…

Ed Wisham
Robert Redmond
Bill Forrest
Congratulation guys.
And myself…Roy Lewis

Come on ladies and gentlemen.
Take some of these free instructional classes and learn to be better inspectors.


Next year for me - Congrats on the accomplishment Roy

Thanks Chuck.
I just don’t get it why there isn’t more doing it.


Are you on the Awards committee now?

I just like to see members learn.
It helps keep down the silly questions…LOL!:smiley:

Wheeeew :slight_smile: I personally have accomplished the tasks twice :slight_smile: We do have GREAT free education.