2022 new build roof inspection

Has anyone ever ran across this problem? This roof is brand new, I believe this may be a manufacture defect……? Any thoughts multiple homes in this new neighborhood have this exact problem.

What exactly is “THIS” problem?

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After posting I did a little more digging and found this.


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The tar leaking into the gutter and down the downspouts, the discoloration under the eaves. This is a new build, I’ve never seen this before.

That’s a new roof and home?

Looks like you found your answer.

1: Gutter ponding water. Poor slope.
2: As for the bleached area. Pressure washing.
3: Manufacturing defect. Oily substance. Pressure washing removed shingle color and bitumen.

Call me crazy but it looks to me like they/someone spray painted the shingles.

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Yes, this builder is the worst in my area.

Thanks for the input everyone! Have any of you heard of “ tobacco juicing“ the article states that it is typically found in the southwest, I’m in Oregon about an hour south of Portland. Never seen this before.