203K Consultant Education

This Facebook group 203K Pros is for 203K consultants. If you paid for 203K training and don’t feel ready for Prime Time you can get free help here. We have national lender members and are the only 203K group who can honestly say has the support of lenders.

Don’t pay for training that isn’t endorsed by the banks, get free help at 203K Pros. Feel stuck in the box. You can get good help for free.

This invite is only for people getting into the 203K consulting profession and is not a home inspector group. For that you can visit the Internachi site on Facebook.

We have about 230 members and except for a few consist of consultants, lenders, appraisers and contractors. I was told by a couple of the national rehab lenders they are looking forward to working with members of our group. We are the only consultant group that can honestly say that.

Just for rehab loan consultants. Tips on estimating and understanding the HUD requirements. We will help but you would have to carry your own You won’t get your balls busted but you won’t get spoon fed stuff you can easily look up.