203K- For inspectors considering doing 203K work

A free help group for 203K questions and training has been formed on Facebook. Because not all inspectors belong to Internachi it was decided Facebook would work.

You will learn a good way to get into this program and for free you will learn enough to decide whether you want to continue with paid instruction from a few providers I know. There are at least 4 people who will provide 203K education for fees from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand plus.

Starting out we can do the 203K basics.

Read the handbook
Define the skills needed
Review and understand the Minimum property standards
Review and understand the HUD forms
The importance of estimating
What the banks want and need
What the contractors role is, how to get the contractors to comply
Pros and cons of existing 203K software
Pros and cons of paid training

And more

Here is the link to the 203K help group, its interactive and experienced consultants are expected to show up from time to time and offer to help.
And its free. No vendors will be allowed to sell in this group but we will tell you who does training and if interested you can ask them how much they charge.

One vendor will give you a 60 day free trial to test their software program.

Here is the link to the Facebook group. Its new, I am a volunteer so be patient and you will get some good information.

You need to have 3 years experience to apply dont you?