203k in a box refund

Good day, everyone. I went to the InterNACHI conference in Atlantic City in Spring a year ago and purchased what I thought would help me start a new stream of revenue for me - HUD inspections. I met Catherine Hall and she sold me on the idea so I bought her $795.00 program called 203k in a box. It was supposed to include 1 one on one phone call with Catherine Hall, a series of dvds, and 2 free months of “something” that I still haven’t figured out for sure what it is. But I am part time in my business still because I work full time still in facilities with the Navy. So I only bought her program with the idea we wouldn’t start the program until the Fall when she was supposed to have her program at the InterNACHI offices in Boulder CO last Fall. She agreed and I bought it. I did go to the Fall program but I still hadn’t had a one on one call with her yet. In fact her office was fairly disorganized and it was difficult to even get hold of her to try to organize a call. I did get monthly “junk mail” from her, but I just really ignored it, thinking she would call, set up a one on one, then I would start my 2 free months. That still never happened, but I was looking at my Visa statements in February of this year and noticed she had started the “2 free months” right after the Atlantic City conference and started charging $197 a month after that without my permission. When I confronted her she offered to refund the Fall conference fee (which was supposed to be free anyway) and the last month she charged. However, she still needs to refund the remaining $1,576. Anyone else have problems?

How many promises did you have them provide in writing?

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I signed up over a year ago, wasted money (poor investment). They were disorganized, I never received a password to access anything and was overwhelmed with emails to the point where I couldn’t keep up. I should have done more research because there are less expensive ways to get certified.

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This sounds like Another “InterNACHI Appoved” vendor scam.

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Gotta vet the vendors yourself.

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They agreed to waiting on the sales receipt

How often do you check your credit card statement?


Frank, because I only use that card once in a long while, it’s the only card I don’t check frequently. In fact, the only real time I’ve used it last was at that conference last year. And she didn’t start charging for a couple of months. I checked it right after the conference and just saw the appropriate charges.

Nicholas, you might want to consider setting up notifications on your credit cards. The card company will send you a text or email whenever a charge is made to your account. You can set the dollar limit.

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I’ve had several other people tell me the same type things. Unfortunately as a 203k consultant since 1995, I could not at this point refer anyone her way.

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Frank, I’ve never had anyone do this to me and I didn’t authorize the debit, so I didn’t expect it.

Larry, I thought being it was at the NACHI convention, it was a good way to vet it.

I wasn’t or won’t be there but that does sound good. :smiley: