203K Rehab Inspections?

I was just approached by a broker to do 203K rehap inspections for her. Can anyone help me out on how this may be different than a regular home inspection? Any special qualifications needed? What kind of report is typically generated (checklist? narrative with photos?)? Any other info on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

I hope this helps.

Thanks Guys!

Can anyone help? I have been online to the HUD website and I am trying to find out how to bid on inspections for them. I see they have a reverse auction but I am not sure what that really means. Need I say more I am trying to out what I need to do???

Joseph, the inspections for the reverse auctions are not the 203k inspections. These are HUD properties, for which you have to be a certified HUD inspector for. They are not worth their money. HUD does the training, and then doesn’t pay because you missed writing up a garbage dumpster door that belongs to somebody else???