21 Years ago today

I performed my first home inspection, my tools were a ladder, a screw driver, a flashlight and a pair of channel locks. How things have changed I have a 70K commercial inspection today and my tools are drones and IR cameras along with various meters. I was always told one could not say they were successful in business unless you made it 5 years. I started my HI business 3/27/97 working nights and weekends and retired from my day job in April of 2002 and started wearing Red hats.:D:D

That sounds like the definition of success right there, Congratulations. How many subs are you bringing out today or are you doing the whole thing by yourself?

I don’t use subs just me and my son we do it all. :smiley:

70k square feet?

Yipper SQ FT

mice, good luck

nice , good luck

Nice Charley! :smiley: