22/23 October meeting in Melboune!

John S has set up a room for us to use. He said that Friday will be 4 point and Wind Mit day and he will have some guests.

22nd evening, maybe we will all go to dinner, bar…whatever and get to know each other and see what is going on and just to talk and have fun.

23rd is the meeting to get to learn how to market ourself as a whole, get our names out there, organize better to be considered on the DBPR board when it items to be discussed are comeing about. We need a voice and seperately we can do nothing…I do know that John S and Mr. Bonner have been working very hard and their energy has been used in making things better for us as a whole.

I will get more infor as to the exact location from John…

22 and 23 October in melbourne Florida…See you there…bring ideas and solutions if you have them!

See you there!

On Friday the 22nd in the morning(9:00am) will start with Four points. You should be familiar with electric services, plumbing, roofing and HVAC. If you are new to inspecting you should complete the Nachi roofing, HVAC, plumbing, hot water tank and electrical classes. This class will give the inspector the insight to do four points and answering the questions that insurance companies need answered. We will show you the items that make it profitable and easy. Marketing tips, forms and business tips will also be shared.

The afternoon of the 22nd will be devoted to wind mits. How to get them done, some suggestions on how not to trigger a re-inspection. Also, the ever popular Q and A! We will share tips, tricks, forms and more. Nachi or another wind mit class should be done prior to attending for a proper background. Thanks to Dennis Bonner, we are also working on a plan so Nachi inspectors can do Citizens re-inspections and get on the “preferred list!”

A couple of guest speakers are scheduled to give us insight to the trends.

The 23rd(Saturday) will be devoted to furthering iNACHI inspectors in Florida. We will be working on a lobby, political action and information sharing.

All are encouraged to participate, join us for both days or come for what you want and leave. The doors will be open.

If you have an idea for us, please share it and we will try to incorporate it.

We will give out more information as we get closer. Space will be limited and sign-up forms will be sent out.

Sounds Great guys count me in please post hotel info. Thank you

We should be able to negotiate a multi room discount at one or two of the hotels in the area as soon as we have an idea of the attendance and the specific location.

Registration form to be sent out later as the details come together!

Address for this event:

1450 Sarno Road Melbourne, FL 32935 321-242-2211 Call or email my office for Questions 321-327-2950 contac@honorconstruction.com

Exit 183 off of I-95
Take exit 183 toward Melbourne

0.3 mi

Merge onto W Eau Gallie Blvd

(SR 518)
0.6 mi

Turn right at Sarno Rd
Destination will be on the left

3.1 mi

Some locale accommodations:

Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place

200 Rialto Place, Melbourne, FL (321) 768-0200 () ‎ 2.5 mi SE On the beach

Courtyard Melbourne West- more info »

2101 W New Haven Avenue, Melbourne, FL (321) 724-6400 () ‎ 3.1 mi S

Suburban Extended Stay

  •   [more 		info »](http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=2387104594256889029&q=1450+Sarno+Road+Melbourne,+FL+32935+hotels&hl=en&ved=0CG4Q2QYwAg&sa=X&ei=wSKrTPvDKJvqzASKjf3QAQ)

    1125 Airport Blvd., Melbourne, FL (321) 768-9777 () ‎ 2.4 mi SE

Extended Stay Deluxe Hotel Melbourne - Airport

  •   [more 		info »](http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=13588441885301890582&q=1450+Sarno+Road+Melbourne,+FL+32935+hotels&hl=en&ved=0CHYQ2QYwAw&sa=X&ei=wSKrTPvDKJvqzASKjf3QAQ)

    1701 Evans Road, Melbourne, FL (321) 733-6050

Super 8 Melbourne

  •   [more 		info »](http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=12196638486672025573&q=1450+Sarno+Road+Melbourne,+FL+32935+hotels&hl=en&ved=0CG8Q2QYwAg&sa=X&ei=jiOrTL_FMqqIzQTx3sXQAQ)

    1515 Harbor City Blvd., Melbourne, FL (321) 723-4430 () ‎

    Hampton Inn Melbourne

194 Dike Road, Melbourne, FL (321) 956-6200 () ‎

John Count me in. That address is the Melbourne Area Realtor ***. building, right. If not, let me know what building it is. Thanks

Yes we will be using their Building. I have asked Nick for materials to brand Nachi in their lobby :twisted::mrgreen:

Just booked Suite at the Courtyard Melbourne West…only $89 a night!!! Regular rooms are only $59 a night!!! WOW, thats cheap, cheap cheap!

I’ll be there. What will start time be?

see post #3

We will start at 9:00

Slorry I missed that in #3

Can’t manage Saturday, but count me in for Friday. Thanks.

How many are coming?

Count me in. I will want to talk to everyone about starting a NEW organization LEAVING NACHI…His recent decisions to pump out Home Inspectors in my area with a 2 day course show the organizations true colors. That is to PUMP out as many people without any reguards to the profession, the cleints and the public as a whole. Good thing I saw this before the meeting…

It’s really good to see more local chapters becoming active!!!
My Prayers are that they STAY active!
Local Chapters are SO crucial to InterNACHI Inspectors!!!

I know we all hope that there will be meetings will be regular - at least once each 60 days and that topics will be specific to the area are targeted.

Its really hard to cover topics like Four Point and Wind Mits in less small segments – I commend the 2 day meeting! Once the regular meetings begin updates available on these and then new training is super valuable.


The first day is for four points and wind mits. We do not think that this meeting will qualify anyone to do these based on just attending. It would be helpful to be an experience inspector and have other training including the Nachi classes. Having MSFH or York training would be helpful for wind mits. We will cover all points on the forms though.

The second day will be all about furthering us in Florida. How to get it information out about political happenings. How to be heard at the State level.

I forwarded your meeting information to Wayne Bertsch, who is President of the Florida Home Inspection Council who represents all our associations here in Florida (InterNACHI, ASHI, FABI and NAHI) We all have members who sit on this board.
I asked that he contact you.

Wayne was instrumental in getting Home Inspectors approved for the Wind Mit and has been an excellent ally.

Since the FHIC represent all Florida Inspectors - you may want to find an avenue to work with him on legislative matters.
Too many beating drums sometimes drown out the message.


OK…is this a government position? Is he a lobbyist? Who is he and what does he do for us? How does he get paid? How much does each organization pay? Does he provide a synopsis of stuff he does, like who he talks to and about what? What BOARD is this? Who from INACHI has been in contact with?

I hate seeing that someone I never heard of REPRESENTS me…seems like if they represent ME…I would at least know his name.