$2245 - IR Class and IR Camera Package

**$2245 - IR Class and IR Camera Package **

Price just went down another $435.00 (this deal is getting really low)
Email me for this deal… john(at)infrared-certified.com

See INFRARED CERTIFIED TRAINING for details on our IR class.

Great deal John. Work is so slow, cannot spend the money on that right now.

Maybe after November things will pick up. LOL I am all over it then!:wink:

Not low enough. Still waiting for the $1000 IR I can throw into my toolbox to supplement my energy audits.

Which camera are you offering John?


This is really getting tempting. Send me an PM or email with the exact camera details.


I just sent you guys a PM

Send me a pm to please. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of adding ir.

I just sent PM to Mike

Please send me a pm as well John.
Are you going to be doing training in the Orlando region anytime soon?