23 Conquer Books Left. Who Wants One? Once They're Gone, They're Gone!

23 books left! First 23 to post get one.

I’ll take one, thanks.

Just received mine today. Thank you Kelsea.

22 books left.

Ooh ooh me! Thanks!!

21 books. Like I said, once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Darn good book so far.
I just got mine the other day and reading it now.


20 books left. Get it while you can!

I’ll take one. :slight_smile:

19 books.

I’ll take one

Kelsea, I will take 1 as well. Please send the book to my new address in North Carolina.
Michael W. Altizer
1014 South Arendell Avenue


I’ll take one…
Inspection Connection
314 Williamsburg Cir
McDonough, Ga. 30253.


Ill take one please

I’ll take one please…& thank you.

I take one…thanks in advance!

Take one please. Ty

May I have one?


Thank you, Nick