24 inspectors joined InterNACHI today.

And 76 members renewed their InterNACHI membership today.

Are there any non-members still left out there?


24 more joined today. This is nuts.

What happened to your cap of 10,000 ?

I goofed. I was certain that when we raised dues on new applicants back on January 1, 2013 to $499/year that the price increase would slow new applications down to a rate that was less than existing members were leaving (retiring, selling their businesses, changing careers, passing away, etc), thus causing membership to fall.

What I didn’t count on was that all the extra funding gave InterNACHI’s staff more fuel to create more www.nachi.org/benefits.htm which in turn caused more existing inspectors to join InterNACHI.

If this trend continues much longer I’m going to propose a surcharge on new applications that is equal in dollars to the number of North American members we have over 10,000. For example, if we have 10,432 North American members, the surcharge for joining would be an additional $432 dollars on top of the new applicant’s membership dues. That should do the trick… I hope.

This would buy me time while we create a system where retiring members could offer their seats for sale and take the money with them when they leave InterNACHI. Retiring members could put their seat up for auction. New applicants would then be given an opportunity to bid on that seat and the winner would get the seat. Kind of like the limited seats available on the NYSE.

When the “cap” was announced some six years ago, we were told applications would be refused when the cap was reached.

I guess that wasn’t true.

You still doing everything as you said you would six years ago Mike?

I think you missed the point but that is not unusual for you.

Did you see an announce about lifting the cap and why it wa necessary?

I didn’t think so.:frowning:

I missed no point. It is another example of someone more worried about how others run their business than their own.

Or is just another example of the validity of statements made by NACHI management?

IMHO, the “cap” was put in place to get people to join before it was too late.

The downturn in housing market at that time limited growth and increase cash flow from new members was desperately needed.

As they say “follow the money”

Creating value through scarcity. Wow, I’m sure no business has ever thought of that before.

InterNACHI should be ashamed of being the most successful home inspection association in the world with the way they run their business.

Seriously Mike, I know you are a highly intelligent individual, but you spend way to much time worrying and complaining about what others are doing.

So please throw out the condescending remark of the day at me. It means nothing :wink:

I call then as I see them Troy.

Some people just don’t get it.

You are absolutely correct there :wink:

Have an awesome day!

Love your post’s thanks … Roy

I goofed. When we raised dues on new members to $499 back on January 1, I thought that would surely cool things down. Even Dominic contacted me and and said the price increase was too much. But what I didn’t take into consideration was that for every dollar we bring in, staff turns it into 10 dollars of value for members. So even though the cost of being a member went up for new members, the value proposition we present to them went up even more. Now I’m scrambling for a quick solution at a time when we’re super busy.

You goofed in announcing the cap or goofed in not turning away applications as was announced?

You were telling everyone that their memberships would become more valuable and that inspectors might be able to sell their membership slot on the open market.

Did you “goof” on that too?

It’s obvious, from now on take Nick’s word for what it’s worth.

It was one of my crazy ideas.

I’m going to work on it. I looked into online auction services last night but they really aren’t set up for the kind of integration we’d need so that staff doesn’t have to set up every auction by hand. We’ll probably have to build it ourselves. I also need to find out if any states require an auctioneer’s license. You don’t need a license to run an auction in Colorado, but I don’t know if that means we’re good to operate it online in other states or not. Dayna is researching it now.

I think the auction idea is silly.

Put up a list of “slots”(members willing to give up their membership) and let the parties deal with it privately after the deal is made.

That’s another issue entirely. We just don’t have many members willing to give up their membership. We have the highest renewal rate of any trade association (not just inspections associations, but all associations) on earth.


Then it appears your threat of a cap at 10,000 was disingenuous at best and something else at worst.

What is said cannot be unsaid.