24 Rooms in 330 sq. ft.


Question is, would you charge by the size, or #of rooms?:shock:


Size does not matter.(haha)

Seriously all places have windows ,doors,kitchens , etc,so the more rooms , the more components to look at.

A two bathroom and 850 sq foot unit would have more work and longer report than a 1250 sq foot unit with one bathroom.

I charge by rooms.

I’d do it for $289, + expenses. :wink:

Mmmm. His kitchen is about the size of my pantry.

Kind of like living in a termite colony - not for me.

Would be a lot better if they worked off remote.

That is a small area, I am used to more space by default! I have cultural shock looking at that!

I think it was very cool, you could not be a messy person.

He’s in bed, then realizes…dang, I forgot my on the on the counter :smiley:


What’s the SOP in China? I wonder what kind of drywall they used! Maybe made in USA.