240 amp cord ran out of main panel. Need advice

100 amp service…cord is about 8 ft long connected to a 30 amp breaker.
Is this an electrical code violatation? What woud be the write up?




Sure does not look like it could carry 240 amps. I’m confused. You may have meant volts. Still does not look right but I can’t blow up your pictues to really see much. Can’t imagine this conforms to any current code.

In most jurstictions you can not use a extension cord for perminate wiring. It should be hardwired with a 22o volt approved outside outlet.

I have seen that done a few times so people can hook up a parked motor home, it’s just plain wrong. The conductors should be in an exterior rated conduit terminating at an approved exterior rated 240v receptacle.



Lots of electricians have been reported to improperly installing RV oultets. 30 amp RV’s use only 120 volts. The 50 amp RV’s use 240 volts. The size of the 30 amp outlets leads people and yes, some electricians to connect them to double pole 240 volt breakers when it should be single pole 120 volt. If you see a new install it may not have been used to fry an RV yet so make sure it is 30 amp 120V or 50 amp 240V.

It’s as simple as that. . .