240 volt dryer receptacle.

How do you test these?

Turn on the dryer or use my Electrician’s tester with probes .

lick test…never fails…

Well turning on the dryer wouldn’t let me know if it was wired correctly.

Can I watch the next time this should be very exciting to see.

Thanks for the chuckle

If I can’t get the wiggy to work that is…

With one of these


Cheapest tool in my bag next to my great interNACHI microwave tester.

I also use it to check for proper line/load wiring on the A/C disconnects.

Test across the line should read 240 volts, test each line to neutral should read 120 volts, same thing to ground, 120 volts if a 4-wire system.

Why do you feel the need to test the wiring on this? Did you notice something in the panel?


Lol because I’m a home inspector :wink:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Very funny :smiley:

Although not as reliable, you can use your NCVD, just like when you (if you) check non-grounding type receptacles.

Be sure to check for reversed wiring as that is the most common issue.



You can’t reverse 220 VAC

Guess ya did not catch the smile;-) but yes you can swap them around all ya want just does not change anything:D:p

You mean the dryer won’t run backwards?..:roll:

Mite if it wuz 3 PH:p

Technically you can, it just won’t make a difference.

I do believe he meant Line to Neutral and vicy versa, or Line to Ground, or Ground to Neutral, et cetera.

Merely a flesh wound, I missed this post.

Guess you know Mr. Larson :roll: