240V receptacle touching panel

Beside the fact that the panel cover doesn’t completely close due to the receptacle being too close, is there any other safety or electrical issues? I feel like the panel could become energized if there was a fault at the receptacle, but its connected by conduit, which is basically the same as touching the panel, but I could be wrong.


Michael …

We see 120v OR even 240v receptacles attached directly onto OR via short pieces of conduit to the panel all the time. Do you not see this?

Yes I see it, but this is the first that touches the panel cover, and the panel cover can’t be secured due the receptacle in this case. I can get my finger behind the cover. The more I think about it I probably didn’t need to post this.
I call for a delete of the thread

If you feel the panel cover is not properly attached due to the receptacle then write that up. As far as the proximity of the receptacle that is not a defect.

How would a grounded surface energize the panel or cover?

The panel cover is the only issue.

I have no concerns over this installation. The only possible hick-up maybe the position of the device/junction box back into into the wall depending on the nature of the wall…combustable or non-combustable.

Many electricians do this in unfinished basements all the time. It appears here that it was done at some point and someone finished off the room at a later date, but that is speculation on my part.

As for the panel cover…eh…what ya gonna do…right!

Closing cover fully my only concern. Just a burp … Not a heart attack.

May not be a major issue but if it has a cover then the cover should be able to be closed. Poor workmanship I would say in my report.

Sorry…I have been out of the HI world too long as I was not aware that poor workmanship (other than if it causes a safety concern) was reportable. This is why the term is hard enforce within the NEC as well because it is subjective to interpretation.

Now, if the cover does not fit, creates a GAP that an arc or some other incident could get out then the cover is not closing over the cabinet properly and that is what I would call out (If Desired) but I would not say poor workmanship…but thats me, to each his own.