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It would be a lot of work, but a Canadian version would be nice. There are many differences.

List them here and I’ll have a Canadian version built for you.

Can’t do it. I know several but there are probably dozens (hundreds?).

I don’t think so. We have trouble finding much difference between U.S. and Canada on anything.

Here’s a few from just one code: no GFI required in garages, no GFI required on sump pumps, AFCI required in bedrooms only. We seem to lag you guys a bit.

BTW… GFCIs are not necessarily reguired on sump pumps here in the US either. If the device if fed via simplex receptacle, it is not required. GFCI on a sump pump is just plain DUMB anyway, IMO

I agree, I would rather take my chances with no gfci than a tripped one and don’t know it, I know someone with a freezer on one not realizing it could trip the gfci and a week later… you can guess the rest. Could the motor on the pump not trip a gfci if the motor was getting old and drawing higher amperage? Another quick thought, we recommend a gfci on a pump they install one and the pump trips it, floods the basement, our fault???

Could be Charles, I wouldn’t want to find out though!
That’s why I recommend a licensed electrician install any outlets- even if the client says “I can do that, I’m pretty handy”
For that matter, I think it is best for us to recommend any job requiring a license or a specific skill set, to the people that do it for a living.
Then it’s left up to the client if they want to follow your advice or not…:wink:

For sure Darren, but what I question is that we recommend a gfci, they hire a sparky and install correctly and still trips, floods basement. If it was a regular recepticle it would not have tripped, just a scenario I have wondered about. Maybe I am missing something. How much trouble could a HI get into?