29 more states lose jobs

since July. Stimulus is really working. Yeah right! :roll: oops, I meant 13. Sorry

You win kenny

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Congratulations Kenn.

Soon Brian will only have his own posts to reply too. :wink:

Somebody please tell Bk thanks. :wink:

Sure does take a long time to undo years worth of messes.

Good news is GDP expected to grow this quarter.

Brian and I are kindred souls, just sayin’ :smiley:

ya but I like Brian.:mrgreen:

Do think current policy is making it better?




Too funny, I could not make this stuff up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Goes with the territory. :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally, I think the economy is cyclical and the Pols try to “tweak it” so that the economy is doing well during election years.

As with anything regarding the economy, looking back is the only way to get a true measure of what “worked” and “ddn’t work”

I think we can safely say that the last 4 years fall into the latter category.

I think the stimulus helped, somewhat (as the GDP would suggest). That doesn’t mean all is rosy. Jobs need to return, housing needs to rebound, banks need to be responsible and people need to get back to normal work & spending habits.

I think we are heading in the right direction.

Is it because of the current policy? Ask me in 4 years. :wink:

If it takes that long it will be too late.

Let me see now. The right wing approach to our economic disaster was to let them all go down the tubes wasn’t it? Or resurrect the pssd on theory of economics where you give the rich a tax cut and hope they will spend it on tings that create jobs for regular folks. And what would our unemployment be now if your ideas has prevailed? 20% ? 30%? More?

Now you folks complain about the stimulus not being an instant fix. Ignoring where your “give the rich another tax cut” would have put us. A stimulas that from all reasonable analysis seems to have played a key role in holding the worst scenarios at bay (You know like 25% plus unemployment and a return to depression era pain. Of course that depression was another triumph of conservative thought wasn’t it).

Of course we all know what the real issue is. It looks like the economy has turned the corner and your masters are afraid. Still a long way to go to get jobs growing once again but the Obama stimulus is still pumping money into the economy to do just that. (another one of those ideas that was vehemently opposed by you folks on the right)

Is it going to work in the end? I sure don’t know and neither do you right wing puppets. But I know you’re masters are afraid it will because if the people feel that the Obama team has restored hope to the nation it’s possible you righties will be in the wilderness for decades. It has happened before. (Can you spell Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Funny thing is, the far right can only point fingers because there is no proof if anything else would have been better (or worse).

Quite the enviable position to simply pick apart what is currently happening without any evidence that any other plan would have done anything different.

My four year comment was about analyzing what occurred and why, not about how long it will take.

The recession is over, or haven’t you heard. :wink:

Is Bernake a friend of yours?:shock:

If the economy grows this quarter (as expected) then the recession is over, correct?

No way.

It takes to consecutive quarters of positive growth to declare it over and even then there is a real possibility of a double dip recession.