2GO PC Convertible

Nice find Robert. I actually find the handwriting program that came with the CTL2go better than XP Tablets native version, but the other tablet features are nice. You could still using their recognition program with the Tablet version too though!

I haven’t changed the input panel, might try it, but the one that came with it does work pretty well. I wanted the journal and was looking for a way to install that on it when I found the other information. I tried it and it works so I thought I would let others know so they could do it if they wanted.

As I mentioned, it passed MS verification and I have been able to install tablet experience pack that refused to load before the conversion.

Very cool, I’ll pass that on, thanks.

Is there much difference between the two OS’s? Is MS Tablet a memory hog?

XP Tablet edition just has a few add-ons to the normal XP edition to make it more touch friendly.

Just got one from amazon for 399.

I have been down the road with many and is this thing really worth looking at.

Some really like them…I myself would rather use the money on a real lap top computer…with a faster processor. :smiley: