2nd Annual hike for Parkinson's

My daughter started a non profit organization last year,* Promises for* Parkinson’s. This progressive non curable disease affects over 1 million people in this country. Michael J Fox may be the best known person with Parkinson’s, but it does impact the lives of many other well known families, and my own family. The symptons may start as a slight tremor in a finger, hand or leg. Often ignored for a period of time, and easily mis diagnosed, as there is no “medical test”, strictly a clinical evaluation. Once disgnosed , the avearage patient has lost 80% of dopamine, a critical neuro transmitter for motor control. Medications attempt to control ever increasing tremor, but does not cure the disease.

Our 2nd annual Hike the park for Parkinson’s is scheduled for September 10, 2011. We were able to donate $15,000 to the University of Maryland Parkinson’s Movement Disorder Center located in Baltimore as a result of last year’s donations. Information here: www.promisesforparkinsons.org
An Internachi sponsorship would be greatly appreciated.

It has taken me a while to type this, typing and other activities have become a little more difficult. :slight_smile: