(2nd) Sun Nuclear 1030 with padded case

Sold the last one…I had 4 but only need 2 since I am going part time in the business.
Sun Nuclear 1030 Radon Sentinel monitor with case. See attached photos. Selling for $780 plus shipping…I can process credit cards or pay by Paypal…Next calibration date is June 8, 2017. After my last calibration in June of 2016 the number 4 appears in the “alert” column on the report a few times. No alerts actually show just the “4” in the column… I asked Sun Nuclear about this and they said it was only used for programming and does not affect the function of the monitor. They said that when they do the next calibration in June 2017 it will go away. Send questions, etc…to gregwfox (at) yahoo.com…Monitor was kept in case 100% of the time when not in use.
See link below for details

This monitor has sold