3 1/2 days to NHIE test for licence

:eek: Well,it’s almost here.I have to drag myself over to Dunbar ,WV to take the NHIE test so that I can get licenced with the state.Anybody got any suggestions to get ready besides doing the usual retake of old courses,and the NACHI practice test?Any advice would be appreciated Thanks in advance:roll:

Review Code Check…

Hey ,thanks,I will

Be prepared for intentionally obscure drawings related to certain questions.

Could I possibly ask you to elaborate? Thanks


Study ‘The Illustrated Home’. They like to take diagrams from it and mess them up and ask a Questin that does not seem to make sense (and it doesn’t).

When confronted with such a question, try your best, but always answer with a tilt towards safety.

Hope this helps;

I found the Best was go through the exam and mark those you are sure of , any doubt frequently your first thought is best.
Do not waist time on those you are not sure of finish the exam then go back to the difficult ones.
Very upsetting to find you have spent so much time on the difficult questions that you have to rush the last half of the exam .
All the best and I expect you will be pleasantly surprised when it’s over.
Roy Cooke

Get some sleep!
You need to be alert to understand the questions! :slight_smile:

Only change answers you KNOW you marked wrong by mistake.

If you don’t know it by now, you will the next time.

:shock: Thanks huys,that helps.I have spent all weekend reviewing thet Code Check books.I also went through my advanced course about 14 times.Thanks for all of the help.JC:D :mrgreen: