3 1025 Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitors

(Ben Siemens) #1

Barely used looking $1000 each or best offers. THEY ARE 1029s SORRY.

(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #2

How old are them dinosaurs and when were they last calibrated? SN no longer lists them on their website, and a Google search comes up nil.

Good luck.

(Matt Adams) #3

You sure they aren’t 1027s or 1028s?

(John G. Buckley) #4

Don’t think 1025 ever existed

(Ben Siemens) #5

1029 not 1025.

(Ben Siemens) #6

Anyone know can you change the headline or should I just repost?

(Kevin M. Leonard, CMI) #7

Do you still have them.

If yes send me your number and I’ll have my Radon Tech call you. He’s looking for additional SN machines.