3/4 Oak Shutters Covering Glazings

Good morning, friends.

I have a homeowner who has 3/4" oak shutters coverings all the glazings at his house. I am a bit stumped how to rate this coverings on the Wind Mit form. They are certainly stronger than plywood, but I can’t find where this protection has been tested.


Thanks in advance.


protection other than rated. = No Credit

That’s how I completed the form. We’ll see how the customer responds.


He will be pissed :frowning:

N(ii)…unrated protection - no credit, but better than nothing.

Only in the eyes of a sane person. Definitely not any insurance company I know of :frowning:

He can always get an engineer to approve them. Then re-submit it. If insurance says no he might have cause for a law suit

Uh, huh. Like that would cost less than putting up approved systems…

The form calls for Rated/Tested ---- Not P.E. Certified

So you are telling me that the custom made one of a kind door that was impact rated and approved by an engineer, but not tested and rated by MDC, but has all supoprting paperwork, would not qualify for impact rating? Think again. Same thing for this.If they want to go though the expense and get it approved b the engineer, it should be accepted.

Shouldn’t that been don before the installation as part of the permitting process? :wink:

It would be on a door.

Waste of time and money for engineering on oak planking storm panels. No credit for wood panels anyway, at least in my area. And I doubt they would be approved by an engineer without something to reinforce all of the seams in a planked system.

Shutters are required to have permits…at least I am pretty sure they are… :smiley:

They are, but who gets them for wood panels…nobody. That’s the reason very few of them comply.