3/4" PEX Main Undersized?

I realized after reviewing my photos today that the PEX water main on today’s home (2600 sf, 3 bathroom) is 3/4". 1980’s home with an updated main (why?). On newer homes I generally see 1.25" PEX mains. Is this reason for concern?

Charley, did you do a flow test in the bathroom with several fixtures on at once, for instance?

If you did and the water flow was satisfactory, I wouldn’t be concerned at all.

Best to you. :smile:

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I would focus on testing for adequate functional flow with multiple fixtures and less on the diameter of the service.

The 3/4 main typically only limits the design of an irrigation system (number of heads per zone) unless there are 5+ bathrooms all used at the same time or fewer showers that use those rain style heads that draw like 5+gpm of water, but then you also have to worry about water heating system that can deliver such amount of heated water.

Gotcha. I did test for functional flow and there did not seem to be any issues. I was just surprised by the smaller diameter main on a newer installation.