3 Canadian provinces represented at NACHI's recent 3-day Commercial Inspection course


Any comments from the attendees on the course?

NACHI TV is videotaping each attendees comments tomorrow and then we’ll make an online video of what each attendee thought about it.

I’ll post the link here.

Claude Lawrenson writes


All 3 Canadian attendees star in the promo video http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?pid=959173&T=1915

Hi Nick and Mike - congratulations.

We currently have 16 nachi members interested in attending. Tentative arrangements at Humber College in Toronto are currently booked for May - Rm#E310 for Friday May 25, Saturday May 26, and Sunday May 27 - referenced as follows:

The classroom will hold upwards of 30, if required.

Any chance we can see this happen?