3-D Painting at it's Best



Those are awesome Marcel, I’ve seen some drawn on the sidewalks with chalk that are unbelievable

Yes, seen those too, they are awesome. :slight_smile:

Marcel check out this link for the “Trick Eye Museum” in Korea.These places are very popular in Asia and are spring up all over the place.http://rockandseoulmusings.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/the-trick-eye-museum/

I learned about them a few weeks ago.

Pretty cool Bob. Now can you imagine what will happen when builders start building with all of this in mind?

Inachi will have to come up with some new courses so the client knows what he is buying.

Basically faux painting.
We have a high rise on Lasalle with fake facades on concrete here and they periodically repaint to keep the illusion.