3 Day Advanced Inspection Workshop

Thank you to ALL of you who attended the Orlando 3 Day Advanced Inspection Workshop.

I think everybody who was there had a good time and I can tell you I had a GREAT time.

The attendee comments are just now starting to come in … so far they are very positive … (as just one example … please see …
http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=9361 … thank you Paul).

We will be putting on additional 3 Day Advanced Inspection Workshops in different areas of the country … if you are interested in having one conducted in your area … just drop me a note. FYI, will only need a minimum of 20 attendees at a Workshop to make this work.

With the economy changing … is anybody’s business down ?? … you just might need New Ways to survive and even prosper in these changing time.

Why not find out what I have been doing for the past 21 years with my own inspection firm to thrive in similar times. Toward that end, we spent a Whole Day on how to develop a Commercial Division within your existing inspection company, who your potential commercial clients might be and how to market to them.

Sooo … to find out How to Do More, Make More and Keep More … consider attending the next Workshop.

Also check out the great “extras” given to ALL who attend … www.InspectionWorkshop.Net … yes, the site has not been updated with the next location … just waiting to hear from you guys and gals.

Steve Jawitz