3 Fun Filled Convention Days

Thanks for 3 GREAT days NACHI [size=4]\:D/](file://\:D/) [/size]\:D/

Special Thanks to MARIO K.[size=2][size=4]:slight_smile: [/size]:-)[/size]

Right you are Bob !!!

I could only attend for two days but I met a lot of really great people.

I need to thank Nick for all he did for me, Deanna for just being there when I needed help, John Bowman for becoming a good friend and many more such as, but not limited to Mario K. and Chuck C. who made me feel very welcome. Even those who have been my harshest critics showed that they too are gentlemen.

Thanks mostly to the NACHI members who were there and expressed a genuine interest in what I had to deliver. I was able to asnwer hundreds of questions and will continue to do so.

You folks made my visit a very memorable and worthwhile event in my life.

All the best

Bill Mullen

Bill, I want in turn to thank you for being there and giving your presentation. It was a pleasure to meet you in person and, hopefully, this meeting will change your perception about NACHI members as “Gromicko club”. If we only could work together toward the betterment of our profession regardless of association affiliation, this would be the best reward for everyone. As for the convention and all educational seminars, I can describe it only by one word - GREAT! Thanks to Nick, Dee, John B. and all speakers for making this convention a real success.


You are correct three GREAT days of meeting members making new friends, Education,Fun and Info!!!

I don’t know what I did…but you are welcome!!!


We missed you on the last day of the convention!!!

I was happy that you and I were able to sit down have a couple of drinks and talk.After talking with you I have concluded that you are first a good man and secondly I truly believe that you have a genuine interest for the betterment of our profession. We still have our differences but Mr. Mullen you are O.K. in my books!!!


It was a pleasure to see you again!!

Thats the real reason behind a convention. The BB just doesn’t cut it. Face to face is the way to go. We all want the best for this Org and in general for the industry. For those of you who have never had the opportunity to attend this event, you have NO idea of what you have missed, those of you that have attended one know I speak the truth. I strongly urg all, save a few bucks during the year, make it a point to be there for the next one. YOU WON"T reget it!


Hi Yuri:

I’m hoping that the NACHI people also learned that I’m not some evil ogre with horns and that I am willing to sit down and talk to anyone. My belief that NACHI is a ‘Gromicko Club’ has not changed, although the type of club I now envision has changed. I think it should be a compliment to the organization that people consider it a ‘club’ with all the good implications that suggests. The ‘club’ members have a spirit of comraderie and an unselfish desire to help each other that I have not seen (at least as strong) in the other associations. I say good on all of you if I and others see it as a ‘club’.

That isn’t meant to say that I think NACHI is not also a Home Inspection association doing good things for its members. I might not totally believe in the entire NACHI philosophy, but if it works, what can I say ??

As I mentioned to many at the convention, we’re all in the same business and it’s about time we put our collective heads together to make this a great industry instead of using up so many resources to fight with each other.

I wish I could have stayed for all three days, but I already spend at least ten days a month away from my business on certification and association business, so I had to cut my visit to Toronto short by one day. (and I’m supposed to be retired from all that) I estimate that I still talked to two or three hundred people one-on-one. I’m hoping that Nick and I can get a regular dialogue going whereby we might reach some reciprocal agreements.

Bill Mullen

I am sure you and many the other Canadian None NACHI members now know a lot more about NACHI.
Every Home Inspector I talked too was pleased and very happy with the Convention.
Unfortunately many Canadians said they only found out about the Convention from the NACHI site .
Only one said they had got any information from the Canadian Associations and that was from a post on the OAHI CAFE.
As many now know NACHI treats all inspectors equally and allows them to communicate freely on the Open section of the NACHI BB.
Club, Friendship or what ever you wish to call us we love all and welcome all.
We can have a disagreement amongst our selves and still never hold a grudge.
As another bit of Information any NACHI member who gets an award like I did are also given NACHI Membership for life.
NACHI gives much support to all and the rewards are great.
NACHI continues to grow and prosper.
I am very Glad you Bill and many others got a chance to see the real NACHI and how great it is.

To quote your words…After talking with you I have concluded that you are first a good man and secondly I truly believe that you have a genuine interest for the betterment of our profession… and I am expecting a beer next year!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:


You got it!!
As many as you can handle my friend but you have to stick around next time:p



After meeting you in Toronto, and seeing how selflessly you served everyone there, I know without a doubt that you deserved that award. You never stopped helping and you were always in a positive, upbeat mood.


It was great to get to meet you. I wish we could have had some time to have a drink and know each other better. See you next year.


This is a very accurate description of our Canadian member of the year Mr. Roy Cooke!!! And Char was great as well, my two favorite NACHI members by far!!!

It was a pleasure meeting you as well!! And you never know we will probably run into each other before the next convention.

Bill, why visit, why not stay and have some more fun, I was very glad to meet you and hear your presentation, the whole show was awesome.

Of all the people who wanted to be there, none wanted it more than I did. Unfortunately life had other things in mind for me that weekend. I would have loved to have gone back to see friends I knew from there, but even more so to see y dad get a pat on the back for his efforts to help out this organization.


Your father is the BEST!!!

Your father is a good man.

My son, was my main help to learn this Industry.
He is the one who taught me to be the inspector I am ,with out his help and direction ,I for sure would not be nearly as successful as I am .
Many NACHI members on this BB have sure guided me along and still continue to do it well.
I am sure this BB has helped more home Inspectors succeed then all other BBs put together.
A special thanks to my son, and a big thanks for all who ask questions on this BB and to those who give answers.
With out these, who do, then this would be just another BB.
I must say the presentation of the Canadian Member of the year award at the conference was very special to me and I could hardly see ,with the water, in my eyes and Talking was very hard to do.[size=1]

[/size] A special thanks to John Bowman and Paul Hinsperger for the speeches and also arranging the Supper.
I counted 66 people there .
A big thanks to all those who attended .
You made it a great Day for me ,Will Decker, USA member of the year and to Chris Morel who keeps this NACHI BB running so well.
I was very honored to be able to share this evening with such great people .

Thanks to all who came to the first NACHI conference to be held out side the USA and to make it the astounding success it was .
Please all pat you self on the Back.

Congratulations Roy. An honour well desreved. Sorry I could not be one of the 66.