3 in 3

I try to avoid 3 inspections in one day, but it happens.
Tomorrow it’s 3 inspections but they’re all in a 3 mile radius.

I am proud to say that I did three today, and survived. I have never done it before and never want to do it again. I was rushed all day and feel like its a recipe for disaster. Non the less, gotta do what ya gotta do!
Good luck to tomorrow!

Are they all 1,000 sq ft on slab? As you’ve previously described your average inspection.

Don’t forget… no attic spaces.

Those 4 hour days can be brutally exhausting! :mrgreen:

Heres the run down for today.

9am- 1100 sq. ft. probably a basement but no attic.

12pm- 1400 sq. ft. brand new construction, no basement.
I’ll be able to go home for awhile after this one, to start reports.

4pm- 2300 sq. ft. - this is the one I had to add on and will not write the report until the next day. This one for an executive at Under Armour. I do a fair share of inspections for their employees.

Glad you made it through the 3 Skyler.
I’m not sure what size houses you’re working on but 3 in a day can be tough.


My first inspection was a flipped home 3200 Sqft. single family, built in 1976 with an attic and finished basement.
My second inspection was a 2 story town home with a finished basement, built in 1968, basically all original.
My third inspection was a century home built in 1878. finished basement, large detached garage, large deck, and radiant in floor heating system.

Call me a wimp, but I will never do that again…

Jeez that’s way more than I had to deal with today and I’m bushed!

Thomas, I’m sure a vet like you could have done it no problem. I started work at 6am yesterday and ended at 12:30am this morning.