3 prong horizontal outlets

Hi all, I am looking for some opinions on why someone would wire a bunch of double boxes with 3 prong horizontal outlets all at ceiling height and randomly throughout a mold infested basement.

The house has been vacant for 3 years (forclosure) and has an extensive mold issue. There was a sauna room and steam room noted in the basement as well. So my first thought was that the moisture issue was induced by them. But as I think about the wiring I’m now left wondering if it was setup for hydroponics. I’m a virging when it comes to finding drug labs so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Apparently to plug in 240 volt devices of some sort.

FYIW, your not there to “guess” why someone installed some bizarre setup, especially when everything is messed up, missing, fubar, etc. Who know anyone does the stuff you’ll find.

Michael, this may help:… but who knows why?..dehumidifier?

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Larry, there were no dehumidifiers present so It very well could have been installed for this purpose. Although there were multiple in each room and all with a double and single as shown in the pick.

Dominic, I definitely understand, I dont guess or make assumptions. The report is done and gone just wondering for me. As I said it looks as if it was set up as a large grow room. I understand that mold is usually the byproduct in these situations and wanted to know if anyone may have come across this before.

Michael, just report what you see…

Straight up a grow house with 240v lights. Dont guess though, look for other evidence like the mold.

Thanks Michael, that’s what I thought. And yes I only reported what I saw even though I had my suspicions.

Maybe commercial type lighting and ventilation for growing something. :dollar::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

“Something” being the operative word. The only thing I know for sure is that the operation is gone and a 6 bed 4 bath, 5000sqft home has been destroyed from top to bottom. What a waste.

Chinese outlets :slight_smile:

I had a Hydroponics system set up in my basement for growing vegetables. I would most certainly say that was a growing set up for, most likely, weed but possibly vegetables as well. Looks like the holes in the walls were meant for ventilation and the mold patterns on the ceiling almost look as if fluorescent lighting was running along it. However, other than the mold issue, this shouldn’t be of any concern to potential buyers going forward. (As long as the smell is gone.) It’s not like a meth lab where there’s potential for dangerous chemicals to still be embedded in the room/house.

Most likely for growing pot, however the other guys are right - that’s nothing to guess about. If we do guess about that stuff we can open ourselves up to all sorts of litigation, especially if the deal falls through. I had a situation with a home in a not-so-good part of town where the entry door jamb and door were damaged from a police raid (according to the neighbor) and other sketchy evidence was apparent. I really wanted to speculate but that’s not my job.