3 story vertical crack

Check out this beauty I found this weekend! The entire structure is shifted on the interior. Stairs and floors are sloped, walls and ceilings cracked too.


Crack went from bottom of foundation in the basement to the roof of this 3 story row home. Think this could be a problem?

This was a rental property the tenant was concerned about. The landlord does not want to fix anything and told the client “What do you expect, it’s a rental property. If you wanted somethign that is perfect you should buy a new house.”


Scott, that is one nice CRACK-------:smiley:

What if you rented a new home?

The stucco crack is simply an indicator, but combined with the other conditions you mentioned, I’d say there is a problem. . .

What a perv! :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

Say no to crack!”