3-way shut-off

Is it OK to replace two shut-off valves: one for the hot kitchen faucet and one for the dishwasher supply with a three-way angle shut-off valve that shuts off both at once?


As long as you are able to shut off both mechanicals, it doesn’t matter which type of shut-off is utilized.

Yes, but I personally want a valve for everything.

Yes, it would indeed make it less confusing.

As long as you don’t mind not having hot water at your sink when the dishwasher breaks and you have the valve off while you wait for the technician or the appliance store to deliver the dishwasher…:wink:

Thank you. I am trying to avoid having compression fittings everywhere. At the moment for two shut-offs and one T-connector I have 5. This is too many, and one is starting to leak.

If it is not seen, like under the kitchen sink, I like to use ball valves sweated on.