30 amp breaker on electric range?

I haven’t seen seen this before, an oldler electric range and a 30 amp breaker with 10 ga wire. I didn’t pull the range out, nor did I find an owner’s manual. How common is this? If at all…

I don’t think its very common, Gerald, but common sense says that they’ll probably replace the stove at some point, and then the 30 amp breaker and 10 ga wire will have to be replaced with a 40 amp breaker and 8 ga wire, so I would call it out.

Hope this helps,


Agreed Christian, I wish I would have read the manufacturer plate that would have had the amp and watts, volts etc. They are going to replace it and install a gas unit anyhow…From what I understand it might be fine for a 24" apartment size unit…

If they do switch over to gas they can simply convert the 30 amp circuit (new receptacle and CB) to a 15 or 20 amp circuit to supply the 120 volts needed by the gas range.